/Our new game is here – Jamie Gobliner!/

We are expanding our product offer and putting a simple card game for everyone into our game portfolio. If you like to enjoy and practice memory, Jamie Gobliner is right for you!

"There is a celebration in a small goblin village. Chef Jamie prepared a great salad for this special occasion. Unfortunately, what happened... In the evening before the celebration, someone ate this salad. "Let's make a new one," said the chef and started cooking. "Tomatoes, peppers, cauliflower, blueberry ... or not? Should not there be orange, lemon, cabbage and strawberry? "The chef does not remember the recipe, so you need to help him and make a new one. The fate of celebration depends only on you!"

The game contains 20 ingredient cards and 60 action cards, which are used to detect information about your opponents. You have to remember them and gradually know a full recipe for a festive salad. Who will succeed as the first, he wins. This principle holds you actively in the game, but at the same time trains your brain :-) Jamie Gobliner will soon appear in public stores and in our e-shop.


Jamie Gobliner