/Poker cards you have never seen before!/

HOPE Poker Cards is another game in our offer that slowly but surely floods the shop shelves. 52 cards in the exclusive HOPE Cardgame post-apocalyptic design you will love!

We continue in expanding our products from the HOPE Cardgame family and presenting our latest addition on market – HOPE Poker Cards, that make your poker special. We took care of every detail and took advantage of the best illustrations we have. Hearts, spikes, crosses and carts are replaced by the symbols of all four races – aliens, bots, people and mutants. That's why you're enjoying the atmosphere of the post-apocalyptic world in your own skin. The box just makes it clear!

All cards are in original one-headed design that stands out on each table. More pictures can be found here. You can buy HOPE Poker cards in our online store at the promotional price. In case you buy 2 pieces, you will get extra 4 bonus jokers, which you can use for example for Canasta or Jolly. We're going to post-apocalyptic Junktown festival next week to show you more!


HOPE Poker cards